Monday, July 7, 2014

Atsuete or Achuete (Biva orillana Linon)

English: Annatto
Tagalog: Atsuete, Achuete

For small burns: Wash the leaves with soap and water. Boil 10 leaves in 5 glasses of water; cool. Soak the burn area for 10 minues, once a day.

•Fresh seeds when moistened produce a reddish colored juice that is applied to red rashes.

•Also used for wound healing, regulation of heavy menses, and thinning hair.

•The leaf, bruised with the head of a “walis-tingting” (broom made from frond ribs of the coconut leaves), mixed with warm coconut oil is applied on the forehead for headaches.
Culinary:  Seeds when soaked provide a red-tinged colorant use for cooking meats, imparts a subtle taste