Saturday, June 21, 2014

Balimbing (Auerrhoa carambola L.)

Tagalog: Balimbing

Vermifuge, laxative, refrigerant, antiscorbutic, febrifuge, sialogogue, antiphlogistic, stimulant, emmenagogue, anodyne, emetic.



Edible fruit is a source of iron (low in calcium) and vitamins B and C, oxalate and potassium.

Tea of boiled leaves used for aphthous stomatitis.

Crushed shoots or leaves used externally for headaches and ringworm.

Boiled flowers used to expel worms: 50 gms to a pint of boiling water; drunk in normal doses.

Fruit is laxative.

Decoction of fruit, 50 gms to a pint of boiling water, 4-5 glasses a day for bleeding piles.

Juice of fresh fruit for affections of the eyes.

Seed is used for asthma and colic: Powdered seeds, 10 gms to a cup of warm water, drunk 4 times daily.